Ninja Warrior


Challenging Agility, Balance, Focus, and FUN!

Incorporating obstacles, tumbling, and conditioning to develop and improve strength, athleticism, and concentration. Our Ninja Warrior program has classes for almost every age group. With benefits to complement outside sports and activities such as increased flexibility, focus, body control, spatial awareness, and improved balance. Ninja Warrior is great for the energetic child, pre-teen, or teen looking for a challenge!


Ages 3-5

For the youngest of athletes learning to jump, roll, balance and climb through an array of obstacles!

Introductory forward rolls, straddle rolls, backwards rolls, basic handstand and cartwheel training. General balance and coordination as well as introductory obstacle course training using various gym mats as an obstacle course.

What’s next?
Once a child reaches 6 years old he or she can move up to Little Ninjas!


Ages 6-8

Little Ninjas is geared towards obstacle course training. During this class athletes will learn sections of the course as well as completing a different course challenge every week!

Beginner ninja skills including dive rolls, shoulder rolls, safety vaulting, precision jumping, strides, crescent kicks, floor handstands, and cartwheels. But mainly your child will begin his or her obstacle course training by learning different sections of the course.

What’s next?
Upon turning 9 years old Little Ninjas can graduate to the Junior Ninjas class!


Ages 9-11

Junior Ninjas will take the obstacle course to the next level! In Junior Ninjas athletes will practice sections of the course and begin putting those sections together in addition to course challenges such as timed challenges and races!

Athletes will mainly focus on obstacle course training! Athletes training in ninja inspired skills like kong vaulting, dive shoulder rolls, crescent and butterfly kicks, as well as balance and stability improvement with Handstand variations.

What’s next?
Once an athlete turns 12 he or she will move up to the Senior Ninjas class!


Ages 12+

Senior Ninjas will combine agility, strength and skill to master the obstacle course. Athletes will train combined sections of the course with course.

Senior Ninjas will be geared toward mastery of the obstacle course. Athletes will expand his or her intermediate ninja skills by training butterfly kicks and corkscrews, as well as creating combinations of these skills!