About Us


Legends Sports Academy was born to provide young athletes with an experience that is safe, accessible, and fun for all. Inspired by a unique understanding of cheerleading, we aim to empower kids to be the best version of themselves both on and off the mat. Through specialized equipment, advanced mentors, and a safe training space, we create a community that helps our members build confidence and strength. The result is a big family where everyone is welcome.


Our vision is to create a future where Legends Sports Academy is recognized as a safe place for young athletes to grow and learn individually and collectively. To get there, we bring together the best teachers and extracurricular programs, while always putting the notion of community first.


Legends Sports Academy began in 2018 when lifelong athlete and cheerleading coach Kiel Pratt was inspired to offer his own extracurricular programming that would serve not only young athletes, but families too.

As an ex-pro college cheerleader, Kiel knows all too well the benefits of cheerleading and the feeling of being part of a proud and supportive team. Following his personal experience as a college cheerleader and over a decade of coaching, he was ready to create that same feeling for his own community. It was the beginning of Legends Sports Academy.

Since then, Legends Sports Academy has introduced hundreds of young athletes to the athleticism and artistry behind cheer via tailor-made programs. We offer several programs including tumbling classes, private lessons, all-star cheer and our unique programs, with classes for almost every age group. We also encourage cheer as both a competitive and extracurricular sport.

We believe that the benefits of cheerleading go beyond building physical strength and winning competitions. Hence, while our coaches focus on proper technique and progression, they also encourage athletes to be both courageous competitors and supportive team players. Most importantly, we aim to teach our athletes good values such as loyalty, discipline, work ethic and more.

Today, Legends Sports Academy continues to be a leader in the cheerleading world and is dedicated to creating more than just a safe environment, but a community that helps athletes learn and grow as individuals. Through our programming, we help kids develop their character and encourage them to strive for excellence.

As we continue to grow, we promise our dedication to supporting young athletes will remain the same. Legends Sports Academy is a cheerleading school, but above all it is a place for family.

At Legends Sports Academy, there is a place for everyone – welcome!


To us, cheer is more than a sport; it is an art form. We value the opportunities that cheer provides to help kids grow and learn as athletes and individuals. From practice to competition, and beyond, Legends Sports Academy is committed to having a positive influence on your child’s life.


We pride ourselves on being a loyal community, which includes being consistent in our treatment, behavior, and regard for one another at the studio. Through our athletic practice, we teach kids that loyalty also involves consistently treating others with kindness, fairness, and generosity. Together, we uplift and empower through cheer, and create young athletes who stay committed to their goals.


We believe that your character is your mark on the world and is essential to long-term success. Hence, we encourage young athletes to think, feel, and behave through cheer, in order to develop their true character. As we put lifelong learning first, we help kids develop their true potential and reach success.


We know the only way to be great is to make mistakes along the way. That’s why we create an atmosphere, where trying new things and failing is recognized as a natural way to excel in life. Even in difficult situations, we encourage our students to try their hardest and to always strive for excellence over mediocrity.


We’re inspired to create leaders through cheer by showcasing everyday leadership qualities such as humility. As leaders, our athletes lead by example by showing how our everyday efforts matter and contribute to the overall vision. With this value in mind, we influence attitudes, behaviors, and outcomes.


We serve our neighbors in cheer by always being ready to offer a helping hand and by sharing our knowledge for the benefit of others. We say, it’s all about bringing value to the people around us and it’s encouraged both during and after practice.


We believe that everything we do should start with a positive attitude. Our attitudes are born out of a mix of beliefs that we aim to shape in the most positive way possible. As we give young athletes the tools to channel optimism, we shape their beliefs for the better.