At Legends Sports Academy, we’re dedicated to providing top-tier tumbling instruction for athletes of all ages and skill levels. Our comprehensive tumbling program offers a diverse range of classes tailored to meet the unique needs of each athlete.

Our classes are structured by levels, ensuring a progressive learning experience that allows athletes to build a solid foundation before advancing to higher skill levels. Each class begins with an Introduction to the level, where athletes learn the fundamental skills and techniques required for that level. Once athletes have mastered the introductory skills, they progress to the Level Class, where they continue to refine and perfect their tumbling abilities.

In addition to our standard tumbling classes, we offer specialized classes to cater to specific interests and needs. Our Tiny Tots Tumbling class is perfect for our youngest athletes, providing a fun and supportive environment where they can develop coordination and confidence. For cheer flyers, we offer Flyer Flex, a specialized class designed to enhance flexibility, strength, and technique in the air. And for our dynamic young male athletes, we offer Boys Tumbling, a class tailored to their unique skills and interests.

At Legends Sports Academy, we prioritize individualized instruction and support, ensuring that each athlete receives the attention and guidance they need to succeed. We understand that every athlete progresses at their own pace, which is why we offer monthly evaluation clinics where athletes can evaluate out of a level and advance to the next level when they’re ready.

Join us at Legends Sports Academy and discover the excitement and thrill of tumbling. Let our experienced coaches help you reach your tumbling goals and unleash your full potential!

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Ages 3 - 4

Our Tiny Tots 1 tumbling class, specially crafted for our youngest tumbling enthusiasts! In this fun and engaging class, little ones will embark on their tumbling journey with a focus on building coordination, strength, and confidence. Led by our nurturing coaches, Tiny Tots 1 introduces basic tumbling skills such as rolls, jumps, and introductory gymnastics movements in a supportive and encouraging environment. Perfect for preschool-aged children, this class fosters a love for movement and lays the foundation for future tumbling endeavors.


Ages 5 - 6

Continue the tumbling adventure with our Tiny Tots 2 class, designed for our growing and aspiring cheerleaders! Building upon the skills learned in Tiny Tots 1, this class introduces more advanced tumbling techniques while maintaining a focus on fun and exploration. Led by our experienced instructors, Tiny Tots 2 emphasizes skill progression, building upon basic tumbling elements to include more dynamic movements and introductory gymnastics skills. With a blend of structured activities and playful exercises, this class fosters continued growth and development in our youngest athletes, preparing them for future success in tumbling and beyond.



Ages 6 and up

Our Level 1 tumbling class focuses on building a strong foundation with fundamental skills essential for tumbling. Athletes will learn basic tumbling techniques including forward rolls, cartwheels, round-offs, and back walkovers. This class is perfect for beginners or those looking to refine their foundational skills.


Ages 6 and up

In our Level 2 tumbling class, students will progress to more advanced skills, including back handsprings, front handsprings, and round-off back handsprings. This class is designed to challenge students who have mastered Level 1 skills and are ready to take their tumbling to the next level.



Ages 6 and up

Our Level 3 tumbling class introduces students to complex tumbling passes, such as tucks and layouts. Students will focus on perfecting their technique and mastering higher-level skills under the guidance of experienced coaches. This class is ideal for intermediate-level athletes looking to advance their tumbling abilities.


Ages 6 and up

In our Level 4 tumbling class, students will learn twisting elements and advanced tumbling skills, including back handspring tucks, layouts with twists, and full-twisting skills. This class is designed for experienced athletes who are ready to tackle more challenging tumbling sequences and progress to higher difficulty levels.


Ages 6 and up

Our Level 5 tumbling class is the pinnacle of tumbling mastery, featuring high-level skills such as double fulls, double twists, and intricate tumbling combinations. This class is reserved for elite athletes who have demonstrated exceptional proficiency in tumbling and are ready to push their limits to achieve peak performance.


Ages 6 and up

Embark on the ultimate tumbling journey with our Level 6 class, where athletes continue their pursuit of excellence at the highest level. Building upon the skills mastered in previous levels, this class is designed for elite athletes aiming to refine their technique and tackle the most challenging tumbling feats. From triple twists to intricate combination passes, athletes will push their boundaries under the expert guidance of our seasoned coaches. Join us as we strive for perfection and elevate your tumbling prowess to unprecedented heights in our Level 6 class.



Ages 6 and up

Get ready to flip, jump, and tumble with our Boys Tumbling Class! Designed specifically for the dynamic energy and athleticism of young boys, this class offers a high-octane tumbling experience tailored to their unique strengths and interests. Led by our experienced coaches, boys will learn a variety of tumbling skills including rolls, cartwheels, handstands, and more, all while developing strength, coordination, and agility. Whether they’re aspiring cheerleaders, gymnasts, or just looking for a fun way to stay active, our Boys Tumbling Class provides a supportive and inclusive environment where boys can challenge themselves, build confidence, and unleash their inner athlete. Join us and let’s take tumbling to new heights!


Ages 6 and up

Elevate your flying skills with Flyer Flex, a specialized class offered as part of our Flight School Series in partnership with Forte Spirit Solutions. Designed for cheer flyers, also known as Top Persons, this program is tailored to enhance flexibility, strength, and technique to excel in the air.

Led by Forte Spirit Solutions’ expert instructors, Flight School introduces a new curriculum each month, guiding athletes through various body positions and providing targeted strengthening drills and conditioning exercises. This subscription-based program offers flexible training opportunities outside of regular gym hours.

Whether you’re striving to perfect your body positions or preparing for success in flying, Flight School provides the dedicated training and resources you need to soar to new heights in cheerleading. Join us each month and take your flying skills to the next level with Flight School!

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